Palm Beach Private is an exclusive family office serving ultra-high net worth families

Our Promise

We promise to be your family’s trusted partner and wealth protector. We are independent, objective, and dedicated stewards of your family’s wealth. We serve as the vital buffer between your family and your complex financial and personal affairs.

Our Value

We provide sophisticated trust, estate, tax, risk management, and investment planning to some of America’s wealthiest families. As your family’s single point of contact, we lead and align a collegial team of accomplished professionals and advisors to work together on your behalf.

Your Family

Living a life of privilege, whether earned or inherited, is a luxury and comes with great responsibility. How you as a family navigate this responsibility will come to define each current and successive family member’s well-being.

Our Team

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Royalty, commoners and the values we may or may not share

Given the recent media coverage of the Royal Family, we pondered how family values might illuminate the inherent complexities in what seems to be a difference of beliefs and behaviors. As a coach of enterprising families, I can say that for families who own and manage assets together, shared values are essential for legacy families […]

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Study Finds Children of Millionaires Want to be Stewards of Wealth

The children of millionaires want to be stewards of wealth. This might sound like a bold statement, and it is. Wells Fargo Private Bank, with Versta Research, created the Children of Millionaires (or Children of Wealth) Study in Q3 2018 and the data indicates that a stewardship lens is important to what is inherited, not […]

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